About the fundraise (let's get to 60k!)

Hey all,

So, I recently donated €50 for a second time, which puts me at twice above average (currently at about €43). I really want to see livestreams become a reality!

But I also wonder about the strategy of reaching the target. Does Framasoft rely (almost) solely on individual contributors? Are there links with companies? Have donations been made by sites like Bittube, which rely heavily on Peertube code and appear to have some cash?

I have reached out to Jupiter Broadcasting, which produce several open source oriented podcasts. A shoutout there would be very helpful. What other places could we try to make this a success?

Also, say we smash through the 60k goal (just a quarter to go after all), are there any goals beyond the 60k? Any stretch goals? That might help with raising more interest :slight_smile:

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The progress is currently showing €0. Could this be fixed?

Thanks, i notified this bug to our developpers !

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Hi @Q-collective!

First: thanks a lot, both for your donations and your bug report (it’s been fixed).

This fundraising started at the end of the French (soon-to-be known as « first ») confinement time. We knew there was a pandemic out there, that people had big problems, and that money (and fundraising money) would be scarce.

So we decided that even though we would ask for donations to cover what PeerTube v3 will cost us, we would develop it whether we get the 60 K or not. So, for once, there is no strategy: we are developing this v3, we know we might sacrifice part of our 2021 budget to do so, and we’ve accepted that.

Because we don’t want to insist like there’s no tomorrow (aka « harass »), to create fake threats (« if you dont donate, we won’t do it »), or manipulative incentives.

Just an exemple: there are no real « stretch goals » in a crowdfunding, just real goals. The first « do or don’t » goal is set really, really low to help create a success narrative « Look!!! My project is so interesting that it reached 100% in 24hours!!! ! Don’t FOMO on it!!! !! ». And the so called « stretch » goals are the real, sensible goals.

We know it’s customary, it’s part of crowdfunding strategies (and we’ve used such strategies before), we just want to try something different and closer to our truth and to the times. We do the job, we talk about what we do, and if someone think it’s worth it, they can donate. That’s the strategy in a nutshell ^^.

So far, it’s working out. With almost no « extra » communication from our part, we’ve reached 3/4 of our goal.

We are in contact with a great partner for a big donation, soon to be announced.

If we get more than the 60k, we would love to finance (so outsource: we’re at max capacity, here) the dev of a PeerTube Live app (android / iOS), so anyone who have a PeerTube account could easily create a live from their phone.

I hope I answered your questions.

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Thanks for that extensive answer @Pouhiou!

I think you and Framasoft are displaying a real sensible and healthy strategy. You deliver what you announce, which means that you’re serious and on the ball (not overpromising). This is why I’m so enthusiastic about this :slight_smile:

And that’s a lovely tease right there at the end! An Android / iOS app would be a huge way to get PeerTube to people. Also, being aware of what app development can cost, I’m curious how this will go!