Account creation enabled in Configuration but not working : resolved was total number of users reached

i reactivated fact that account can be created on my instance using web administration forms/ This information is kept in local-production.json that should override produciion.yaml; but it does not enable account creation.


  enabled: false
  limit: 10 # When the limit is reached, registrations are disabled. -1 == unlimited
  requires_email_verification: false
    cidr: # You can specify CIDR ranges to whitelist (empty = no filtering) or blacklist
      whitelist: []
      blacklist: []


  "signup": {
    "enabled": true,
    "limit": 5,
    "requires_email_verification": true

Is local-production.json really overriding production.yaml ?

i think i found my problem , which is documented in default config : '# When the limit is reached, registrations are disabled

i have already more than 5 users …

Yep , limit is the total number of users of course, not the number of new users allowed.
By setting it to a higher value it works.

Then local-production.json is really overridering production.yaml, it was not the issue.