Adding an external link to the UI

Hi all. Total newb. Just installed PeerTube with YunoHost for Hairy Larry Rocks.

So hopefully this is an easy one because I can feel some hard questions about federating videos in my near future.

My PeerTube instance is a part of a larger website called Hairy Larry Rocks. I would like to be able to add a Home link near the top of the left column. Anyone know how to do this?


Ok, I just went and looked at my instance and I can see what I would really like.

In the header there is the triangle logo and then the words, Hairy Larry Rocks Peertube.

They both link to trending which is also available in the left column.

I know how to control the text. It’s a setting. I would like to be able to control where it links so I can add an external link to my homepage.

Or, something like that.


There is a plugin called «custom-links». I didn’t try it, but I think it may be useful in your case.

Thanks. I’ll check it out and let you know.

That works pretty good. It adds links at the bottom of the left column menu. Above Administrator if you see that. The link is blue and all the way to the left. I used bold and list markup to center it up and make it stand out. The links can be external with http:// or internal if you want to feature a video or playlist.

I would rather have my single link at the top but generally this is better for multiple links. Sometime I might look at the code and try to understand the hooks and adjust it but I am glad I have a homepage link anyway.

I checked this when not logged in and it really looks good without the additional menu items a user or administrator sees. My instance has only one user so that is how it will actually look to everyone but me.

As a feature request in the configuration section under name I wrote « Hairy Larry Rocks Peertube » and it appears in big letters at the top of the page. If there was an additional field for a link right under that on the configuration screen that would control where that text links that would be great. This is how it is handled in the Shaarli application. The administrator could just leave that link field blank for the default like it is now.

Thanks for all your help

You can maybe use the «custom javascript» option in advanced setup options of your instance (no need to create an entire plugin).

Thanks. Didn’t even know about that. I really like the way it looks now and the carpenter says better is the enemy of good enough but I like figuring out how to do things and if I learn how to use the custom javascript option I may be able to tailor other things to my liking too.

I appreciate your help with this.