Alert on channel deletion

Hi, I’ve just made a mistake, that a simple fix could prevent to happen to other.
If you delete a channel, all the videos listed inside it are deleted from Peertube, without any alert message on the consequences.

It could be normal behavior for someone, because a video HAS to belong to a channel. But it wasn’t for me (and I still wonder why a video should belong to a channel, when it is not an obligation for a playlist.)

So what I sugest : to display an alert message when the user try to delete a channel.

Thanks, Eric.


How did you delete the channel?

Hi Chocobozzz,
I was trying to change the ownership of some video, because on our instance, all videos belong to a single user account, « main ».
So we were two users connected (both administrator) : me as « main » user and the other « user1 ».

User 1 had uploaded 8 videos, and created a channel under his account.
We wanted to move it to my account. User1 made the process on his account to « transfer » the ownership to me, and on my account I see as expected the video listed and waiting the transfer approval.
(We discover by the way that only video’s ownership can be modified, not channel, cf. my other post about it.)

As the channel name was already taken, I ask user1 to delete his channel so I can reuse the same name.
He did that before I accept the transfer, because I wanted to create the new channel on my side firrt, to be able to assign the transfered video to it.
But by deleting his channel, user 1 also deleted all the 8 videos inside it, and they no longer appears on my side.

I hope I’m clear (we can continue in french if i’m not :wink:

By the way, even after user1 deleted his channel, I can set the same channel « display » name as user1 did, but the same channel « system » name was not available for me. Did this info stay in the database ? For what reason ?

Thanks, Eric