Anyone knows of an instance with unlimited uploads and sync?

Can’t believe I checked those with signup up to 500 (sync introduced at 4.3, right? After 500 it seems they haven’t updated yet)… and it doesn’t seem like there’s any… but if anyone knows one…

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Im not aware of that. It also makes me wonder for this kind of need why someone wouldn’t host the content themselves.

PS: for those like me before this question unaware of sync PeerTube documentation it allows to clone a channel from another platform and keep on doing so automatically so that any newly added video does also get copied on your instance. That means it should facilitate transition from other platforms to PeerTube.

Well… it’s difficult to get a host myself… I’m just surprised the average upload limit is, like, 5GB, when that is about 3 hours of a video…

What makes it difficult? Maybe someone here could help.

Difficult financing it mainly I suppose, so I doubt someone could help with that specifically, I was just hoping that I could hitch a ride to an already existent instance… but somehow rarely are there any with unlimited storage, and those that do have no sync…

It depends on the type of content but others might be interested in preserving it and thus being able to finance it.

If you can give a volume estimation how many videos, their average length, audience size someone could give a server type and thus monthly cost. It might not be as expensive as you imagine.

I don’t understand your financial situation nor the project but I want to highlight that someone always has to pay. Relying on YouTube is not good but relying on another server is basically a short term solution. We, and I mean all of us as a society, need to reconsider the consequences of « free », including server time but also development time for donation to e.g FramaSoft supporting this software solution.

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The ones I’ve seen have expenses that would make it ludicrous to go this route, and instead much cheaper to just buy external HDDs and store backups there (audience isn’t what I’m thinking of, this is mostly a backup)… my problem is relying on yt solely until now, and for one channel mostly it would require quite a lot of resources… 2TB currently and rising (and… I doubt anyone would specifically want to preserve it, unless they just want video game recordings generally… weird how even instances supposedly for those type of videos are so limited, when they tend to be the largest, longest videos…)

Wow 2TB of space and processing is significant. I believe it’s unrealistic to hope to get that for free.

You reckon it’s cheaper to buy HDDs, though?

Many instances have a default quota, but can increase it on demand (for free, or for a fee).
This allow more control, and avoid spam bots.

You can search for instances with themes that match your content, and try to contact admins using the contact form.

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Synology NAS + 2x 4To goes today for 600EUR (on

An equivalent cloud server, also 2x 4To but with more ram, goes for 65EUR per month (on

So basically if you buy the hardware you own it proper under a year, but you still have to pay for the connection.

One solution is not objectively better than the other, it depends on your need.

And electricity.
And backup solutions (if your harware fails, or your house burns).

Well, technically yt is one part of a backup, so I’d be fine with having a copy locally… I tried messaging one instance that I thought could be relevant, but they haven’t responded yet… why they’d disable sync when they’re fine with unlimited storage I’ve no idea…

Weeks later, more instances seem to update to 4.3 but still none have unlimited and sync…