API calls yield partial results? (/search/videos and /server/followers)

Good evening everyone!
Since I am writing a bachelor thesis about the Fediverse and PeerTube I need to get some metadata via the peer tube API.
However I noticed that the item count of a given query is often much larger than the length of the JSON data array for the same query. For example:
yields a total count of 135 videos but in the JSON array contains the data of more or less 15 videos.
The same applies for queries about the followers of a PeerTube instance, for example:
Is it meant to be like that or am I doing something wrong? What would it be needed in order to get the whole response?
I apologize if the question is somehow stupid and I would be extremely grateful for any help.
J’accepte volontiers réponses en français aussi. Merci.

There are start and count parameters: https://docs.joinpeertube.org/api-rest-reference.html#tag/Search/paths/~1search~1videos/get

Good luck with your bachelor thesis :slight_smile:

Sorry for my ignorance. You really helped me out.
I will make an awesome thesis :wink: thanks again!

Il n’y a pas de question bête :slight_smile: