Best way to get a Framagit account?

I noticed a mistake in a translation on and wanted to submit a pull request with a fix. I went to Framagit and created an account a week ago.

The site say

Les comptes nouvellement créés ne seront actifs qu’une fois autorisés par notre équipe de modération (ce qui prendra entre 1 et 5 jours).

But I haven’t gotten an email verification email and haven’t had my account enabled.

I tried resending the email verification email just now, and I watched my mail server logs and no email is being sent.

What’s the best way to contact the Framagit team as it may be that their outbound email server isn’t functioning (and outbound email verification emails aren’t being sent)

Also, is there a good way to contact someone on the Framagit account moderation team to try to get an account enabled?

Your Framagit’s account is now activated.

If you need to contact us (with personnal informations, for example), you have to use the form below faq: Contact - Write to us?

@spf Thank you!