Can't get past first step in "quick start" guide for using player embed api

Working on an AndroidTV player for peertube. I can get the embedding to work and limited control of the player with videojsPlayer commands like videojsPlayer.playbackRate(2) or

Trying to change resolution this way is far less straightforward, but would be easy if I could get the peertube player embed api to work.
There is a yarn command given but no direction on where this command is supposed to be executed, without it there doesn’t seem to be a way to instantiate a player object.

I have come up empty searching for any other documentation or code examples of someone actually using the player API


If you don’t want to use yarn you can use the build from a CDN as stated in the documentation:

Ah, I misplaced the implied parenthesis in « first do x then do y or z »
Working now, thank you.