Can't upload with an url anymore

Hi everyone,

First thing first, Thank’s a lot for peertube :slight_smile:

After an upgrade to peertube 2.1, and a reboot of the VM, and other things ?
(I don’t think I did anything else, but I do think that It was still working after the upgrade so…)

I can’t see the tab to upload a file by url.
I checked that the option (upload by url like youtube…) is still activated. It is.
I can only see the tab to upload a new video by sending the file.

Any idea ?

Thanks again.

The official bug tracker is here:


Thanks for this url. But It will not be necessary. Don’t really understood what went wrong, but the problem was on my side. With another browser on another computer, it was working. I deleted the cache of fireforx, restarted it, and… All good :slight_smile:

There were some caching issue with v2.1.0. For example: or
I don’t know if the @Chocobozzz 's fix already fix your issue.

Thanks :slight_smile: