CCC might need somebody to setup their Peertube host

Hi, this is Matthias, I’m just a fan of the Chaos Computer Club events (as Chaos Communication Congress, …) and their team of the video operations center (C3voc). They not only record a lot of this tech talks in superb quality and manage live streaming, they also developed a platform to host all the videos including a CDN. The service is well known by hackers, makers and FLOSS communities all around Europe and has a lot of third party app integrations, as well as Youtube mirrors etc.\ Currently they host 8702talks with 6374hrs of video-content.

For years there is the idea to open this platform the fediverse and now there is peertube which allows to switch not only to a modern UI, but also to realize load balancing using P2P and to subscribe and interact with the content via activitypub!
The core team is busy, but willing to create a virtual machine, where new admins can start experiments with peertube:

So anybody interested in helping the guys, maybe somebody already with experienced in peertube operations? New admins could learn the VOC ecosystem and gather some experiences how peertube behaves on huge content archives and esp. how the (comming soon) streaming works for bigger audiences?


Update: To avoid misunderstandings, the VOC noted, that getting a VM is optional and supporting peertube is currently not decided. (see github).

The VOC will do some tests with peertube. If any experienced peertube admin would like to assist, just get in contact.

I would offer help if you still wanna go on.