CLI tools peertube-import-videos.js

When importing video through the cli, the video is imported only with 720p resolution. How i can change import resolution ?

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A likely cause is if the instance has set 720p as its max resolution, in which case you can’t change it for a higher res.

instance has 1080

i found . resolution can change in ~/helpers/youtube-dl.js

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there was another problem, the script runs and upload video for 5-10 minutes and then stops with an error « Uploading on PeerTube video « **** ».
Cannot authenticate. Please check your username/password. »

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and was one more problem

Uploading on PeerTube video « *** ».
expected 200 « OK », got 429 « Too Many Requests »

it is critical err , help !!! )

Probably better to change that via the web interface as administrator.

If the login/password fail then make sure it’s the correct pair.

If it still fails try importing via URL, I never had any problem with that and assuming the videos are on another server it’s blazing fast.

login/password correct , some time video upload and then error

i need import 1500 video

Uploading on PeerTube video « *** ».
expected 200 « OK », got 429 « Too Many Requests »

where i can increase this parameter, it is better to add ip where peertube-import-videos.js works to the whitelist


You can change the peertube api rate limit in the config: PeerTube/production.yaml.example at develop · Chocobozzz/PeerTube · GitHub

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Thx ! it’s work

it is possible to do transcoding where peertube-import-videos.js is started and unload already transcoded videos