Completely stuck in peertube

Hi all,

Some of my favorite youtubers are also starting to publish on peertube. That’s awesome. Sometime ago I’ve created an account on but I cannot see their videos from there.

  1. if I go to I get the information that there are no videos in this channel, but I can see the number of subscribers
  2. if I go to I can see the videos
  3. if on that page I click on the « subscribe » button and say I want to login with my mastodon account, I get forwarded to but there I get the error message according to which the remote account could not be loaded.

Same issues with a channel located on the instance

I’m really at loss here and would highly appreciate some help.


I suspect that isn’t following the instance(s) that you are looking for videos on. This could be a couple of reasons:

  1. it could be your instance hasn’t requested to follow the instance,
  2. it could be that their instance hasn’t accepted the follow request.

There is another issue which I have seen. I’m not really sure what causes it, but it seems that if the follow request doesn’t end up « working » in relatively short order after having been sent initially, it needs to be deleted from the following instance, and recreated. There seems to be some timeout or something that if it’s exceeded you’ll never follow that instance without doing that.

I know that with my instance follow requests are not being accepted. Not sure what that might be due to. Perhaps they (I have been known to do this myself) have forgotten to accept the request?

I don’t really know about « » as I suspect that has only come to my attention with your post here. So, since I’m pretty sure it’s not been the « week » that I usually wait before re-requesting (if I’m just going through that process) it may just be that it’s not been accepted on their end.

@JigmeDatse: Thanks for your reply. I don’t fully understand what you wrote. When you say that the instance follow requests have to be accepted: does this mean that if I as a user of one instance (me) wants to follow a content creator of another instance, my instance administrator needs to validate that request? Or does the other instance administrator need to validate anything? And how do I (still as a user) re-request? How can I « delete » the follow request?

I think I understand the principle of federation of instances (is that what you are talking of with those requests?), but I beleive that a user should be in controll of what he subscribes and sees in his feed even if the instance he is on is not in a federation with those contents. Otherwise I would need to open an account on tons of instances, which basically kills the whole magic.

Following channels as a user is something that doesn’t require admin validation/approval.

I’m not sure if I fully understand this. I know when I was last going through the configuration (2.3.0 upgrading) I saw that there were ways which you could allow users (or anonymous people) to access content which you haven’t federated with. The defaults I think were to allow users to do so, but not people who aren’t logged in. That’s what I have for my instance. I’m just not sure how a person would actually do so.

I do understand that there’s no need to do anything on the part of the administrator for thins like following federated accounts. But… I think we’re getting off the initial question (not sure though).

My understanding (and it might not be true with 2.3.0 as there’s some options which have changed) is that prior to some changes with 2.3.0 if you want to follow (subscribe) to an account which the videos haven’t federated, the administrator had to fix the federation (if it broke). But it may be possible now, though I’m not sure how that might be working.

The « global search » seems like a good thing, but other than using the « this is for testing purposes only » I wasn’t really sure if it was possible to setup without a lot of extra work (or someone setting up a public, « please feel free to use this » version of the search). It’s possible it’s easier than it looks.