Customize search result page behavior


I’ve a specific use of Peertube. On my public company instance (education sector), all the public videos, channels and playlists are owned by one ADMINISTRATOR. We only want visitors to be able to see public video owned by this ADMINISTRATOR.

But at the same time, other USERS (from the same company, logged through the SAML plugin) are allowed to upload video, but only in « unlisted » mode, and they can create channels and playlists to organize them for their needs.
But they are empty because hosting no public videos.

My goal :
For the external visitor of the instance, I would like those empty channels and playlists to NOT appear in the search results.

So my questions / thoughts :

  1. how to display only ADMINISTRATOR’s channels/playlists on result page ?

  2. how to activate some search filters by default ?
    For example, a checkbox « hide non public channel and playlist »

  3. playlist have a « visibility » value. Could channel have it too ?

Thanks for your help and advice.