Default Stream Thumbnail image location

Hello everyone, I want to upload custom livestream thumbnail, that would be used by default (instead of stock peertube logo). Where is this file located and could I just replace it with my own?

Thanks for your attention.

Did you ever find out how to change this? I have been desperately searching for this


It’s hacky, and you’ll have to do it every time you upgrade peertube but you can replace the file peertube-latest/dist/server/assets/default-live-background.jpg

Hey we are using cloudron unfortunately. Were do I find it in there

Hey we are using Cloudron and it seems after searching for said file it doesn’t even show up in ssh. Were do I find this file or how do I search for it???

Not sure someone here can respond to your specific question. We can’t know every web hosters. Ask Cloudron if it is possible to access and modify Peertube source code on your instance.