Delay to be approved by the federation

Thank you for the big work to develop Peertube, what a nice initiative !
I installed an instance and i’m facing 2 issues :

  • I executed for 3 days a script to get all of the instances of the official site but except one, all other didn’t accept my request at this time.
    So what is the delay to be approved by the instances of the “federation” ?
    Maybe do i have to wait more ?
    Maybe do i have to do something else to be approved ?
  • I tried to add my instance on the official page but i get an error “unable to verify the first certificate”.
    Maybe something wrong with my configuration or issue with the page of the Peertubes instances ?
    I see a specific interest in sharing all of the everybody’s videos over the peertube federation so if any instances can not be referenced easily it looses some interest.
    Thank you a lot for your help in advance !

Could you be more specific about your certificate issue? We do require instances to be communicating over HTTPS, so any issue in that regard can be the cause.

Hello Rigelk,

Thank you for viewing my sos :slight_smile:
For my second issue, here is the page on which i’m trying to subscribe :
I guess i just have to write my pt instance and to click “Add your instance”.
It’s what i did and i get the following error message “unable to verify the first certificate”.
If you want to test it, my instance name is and is accessible on https with a valid official ssl certificate.
Thank you.

See for an analyze of your server.

The problem may come from the fact that you don’t provide the certificate chain. The certificate chain is the public certificate of the entity that signed/provided your certificate.
See for Gandi (since your certificate comes from Gandi).

Hello Framasky,

I thank you a lot, i just added the ca chain to the certificate file and the server has been added successfully.
Maybe you could help me with my first question which was the delay before being authorized by the others instances ?
I used a published script to import all of the instances available on
After that, i understand administrators of each instance has to valid the request.
But for 3 days and with the big number of pt instances, i’m a little astonished not to have been accepted by the others. Maybe am i wrong ?
In all cases, one more time thanks a lot for your support !

I can’t help you with that, I’m not involved in PT (but as a sysAdmin, I can give advices about certificates, that’s why I replied).

The lack of the certificate chain may be the culprit of your no-answer. I don’t know how PT federates, but what if the other instances couldn’t reply to your follow request because of your no-certificate-chain problem?

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Hello Framasky,
Yes it may be linked with the certificate-chain problem, you are totally right. I will ask for federation once again to check that. Thank you for your free support… Have a nice day.

@jd400 I am going to be testing the linking between different PeerTube instances and I would be happy to accept your requests. I will have 5 test systems running soon.

…That is, once I solve my current problem getting the peertube software to run correctly.

I have saved your site,, and I can also send you a request so you will know what the process is to accept requests from others.