Delete/Remove some resolutions?


I accidently uploaded videos in 4K resolution on my instance. 4K is way too much for this type of video (live concert, shooted with a smartphone). Is there a way to delete 2160p and 1440p files for these videos? (to save space on the server).

Peertube version: 4.1.1
Video file format: HLS (no webtorrent).


An issue was opened by someone else, for the same question:

Hi! I’ve been looking for doing this for a while. Lately, some users have been uploading several hours videos into my instance in 1080p and 4k. This is unsustainable for me at these resolutions. I wasn’t expecting this kind of file sizes. At the same time, I don’t want to limit them because I can afford to host their videos at a lower resolution.

This is a very important feature and I don’t see how this has not been added yet. Following the issue you linked, I see the issue #1030 that has been opened for a long time. BTW, it has 7 repeated requests! I don’t think we are alone in this.

I don’t have experience in PostgreSQL so I don’t know how to code a script that does it manually. How could we do this by our own? I don’t want my instance « dies from success ».