Do you envision Mobilizon as an alternative to Meetup?

Hey here,

Wanted to start by saying thanks so much for making this project. It looks so great and I’m very excited to see instances of it running out in the wild. I love the freedom and independence this provides to folks.

Anyway, I was surprised that there wasn’t any messaging in the FAQs as to if this is an alternative to From what I can tell, it seems like it achieves most of the features that MeetUp has (granted, I am not an organizer just a user). It seems like maybe on feature missing a way to hide event details from attendees until they RSVP (often used for hiking groups to keep to a certain size per event).

Also, is there any roadmap where we can see what features are planned or in progress?

Again, thanks for making this great tool and I look forward to seeing instances popup around maybe even set one up of my own someday. :+1:

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I think that entry can answer some of your questions :

Yes there is : and

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