Excessive Bed Leveling More than 2700 Microns

I have a Prusa3D MK3S with superPINDA and latest firmware.set for 7x7 bed mesh (also tried 3x3)
I am operating with a Win10 64bit PC using Google Chrome.
I have the latest Octoprint firmware and Raspberry 3B+

I frequently get the Excessive Bed Leveling error message. It disconnects from the printer.
When I reconnect, and try to print again, the same results.
If I print from the SD card, it will go through the ABL twice, then print the print prime line on the back instead of the front of the plate. It prints normally.

What I have tried:
Restart Octoprint and Printer (independently and together)
Updated octoprint and Prusa MK3S independently (made no difference)
Checked the level of the bed with a manual level
Run from MacBook Pro…this seems to work ok

Will the ABL plugin help?
How can I disable the Gcode that gives the message (The print works great is I get past this point?
Where does the 2700m Microns come from. Is it the average or total. How do I determine the individual points?
What else can you tell me or suggest?

Thank you

Ray Fox


I think you should post in the Prusa community forum : https://forum.prusaprinters.org/?language=en