Follow Peertube user from Mastodon hosted on the same server


I run a Mastodon instance (single user) in Docker. This Docker runs inside a LXC container from Proxmox. I also run Nginx as a reverse-proxy into another LXC container.
This is probably not the most efficient setup, but it works and it’s easy enough to maintain.

I installed Peertube the same way than my Mastodon instance (docker inside another LXC container on the same physical server) and it seems to work properly.

However, I cannot follow my Peertube user from my Mastodon user. When I search for my Peertube user from Mastodon, a popup is displayed on the bottom left : « 503 Remote data could not be fetched ».

I’ve tried to follow my Peertube user from another Mastodon instance (running somewhere else on the web) and it works.

So, there is an issue between my Peertube instance and my Mastodon instance. How can I debug this?


There is certainly a problem because both your instances are « local ». nginx is certainly considering that your user (mastodon) is not coming from outside.