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Hi to everybody , I’m a part of a team that is organising

I’m trying to do a video stream but it is not working. I have a good connection. I’m in Milan .

I’m trying to do the streaming with OBS. I put the URL and the key of https://video.wsf2001
On the page appear the icon of the live but it is not transimtting because is connecting and disconnecting. I did with OBS , then I tryied just to check with you tube that is working. I know that the system is in develop so I inform you. Grazie

https://video.wsf2001 or ? Please check that you don’t have made a typo in OBS.

The protocol is rtmp, not https

Yes I did

ok it is working :slight_smile: grazie !

what change made it work?

I reset the key transmission …I’did not know that I have to reset every time. now is working. My name is Antonio, nice to meet you.
I run for 12 years a web site indipendent made by an app call plumi now is change we launch in the 2007

One question the live streaming is it possible to record , I mean that it will remain on the plattform? because I made a test and there is ni video. It is somethingh that I dont see…? grazie

How we can be link to the other video account like XR extintion rebellion and other node or istance ? thanks