Google Search doesn't recognize the embed video format

Hello, I hope someone in this forum has a hint to my issue. We use Peertube to embed our videos on our website (Wordpress). We use the Video Schema for the pages that has a video and provide the PeerTube Url. Google Search complains that it cannot recognize the video format, because it has no extension like .mp4. Well, other Video platforms also have no extension in their url, so there must be a way to tell Google the video format. I already tried adding the metafields encodingFormat=video/mp4 and fileFormat=video/mp4 to the schema, but Google keeps complaining. Has anyone any experience with this.
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It took Google a while to check it, but I found a sollution for the issue.
I inserted a location directive in the NGINX Peertube server configuration, that removes a .mp4 extension and added the extension to de Peertube link.