Hash livestream

is possibile export hash in order to compose magnet url from a livestream likes a static webtorrent for seed out of the box (webtorrent-hybrid for example) and working in instant.io?
thanks in advance.


No it’s not possible to generate torrents for a live since the files behind the live are not immutable.

ok thanks.
are you updated on new products bittorrent related that are coming soon?
DLive Protocol (RTMP on magnet url) for livestreaming (dlive.org)
BTFS (BitTorrent File System) and Speed for exchange storage and bandwith on a fluid dex market

ps: i’m dreaming somethings likes this

We are already using something similar via https://github.com/Novage/p2p-media-loader/

yes I read the documentation and was blown away. Really congratulations, peertube was the platform I was looking for some time, in the end I found you :slight_smile:
streaming on magnet url will allow you to see live streams as well as from the peertube instance also from desktop apps such as BitTorrentWeb and WebTorrent, mediabox, smart tv etc. and contribute to the swarm, as well as the ability to use seedboxes to support and record flows out ot the peertube box.
And the future possibility of using the BitTorrentX ecosystem, an high speed and at low cost fluid market of bandwidth and disk space, a decentralized cloud storage and cdn based on BTT (BitTorrent Token)

this is the html page of dlive protocol stream test: