HLS VOD chromecast not playing, live works

Hey. I may have a odd questing.

I have an app where i want to make play my peertube live stream, and afterward play the transcoded VOD to a chromecast.
The live stream works out of the box to the chromecast using using a HLS link like this… /streaming-playlists/hls/0add3cce-810d-4384-823b-6b57b551e066/master.m3u8

But when the live stream is ended and the transcoding is finished, the fragmented mp4 won’t play /streaming-playlists/hls/0add3cce-810d-4384-823b-6b57b551e066/e84954d4-0792-49cb-8bb7-372109ec2a11-master.m3u8

when I test the master.m3u8 HLS url here, it works great . hls.js demo I can also play this HLS demo on my chromecast https://test-streams.mux.dev/x36xhzz/x36xhzz.m3u8

Can’t figure out what the problem is.

I use the latest version of peertube 3.4.1 - btw.