How is unique viewers counted?

In the video stats page, how is the unique viewers counted?


It’s by IP (1 IP is 1 viewer even if it’s not necessarily true)

Thank you @Chocobozzz for the information.
By the way, is there any way to link the user with the localVideoViewerWatchSection and localVideoViewer table? So, that we can have the information about the users who viewed the video.

Yes, using localVideoViewerId from localVideoViewerWatchSection

Sorry for the misunderstanding but I want to create a relation between the user, localVideoViewerWatchSection and localVideoViewer tables. Since watchStart and WatchEnd are recorded in the localVideoViewerWatchSection, I want to know to which user it belongs to.

We don’t store the user id information :slight_smile:

@Chocobozzz do you have any plans of adding it :slight_smile:?
Or It cannot be added?

It could, but we don’t have this feature on our roadmap.

If user will change VPN by some app, it’ll be clear? Can we add unique viewers this way?
Best wishes, Jane, manager, WorkTime