How moderation works

Hi, I’m running Peertube 4.2 for a public education company. The users are only employees, and they register through the SAML plugin.

Expected behavior :
I want all the new users to upload their new videos in « unlisted » state, so they can use it with direct sharing link if they need it quickly, but also have to wait for a moderation before their video get the « public » state and appears in our Peertube pages.

What I did :
So I’ve disable sign in with the Peertube login process, and install the SAML plugin. So I only accept user through the SAML autehtication → this seems to work as expected.
I’ve set the auto-block settings for all video, and in the user preference, the box to bypass the moderation seems unchecked for all new user creation. → I think I’m also good here.
I’ve also set the privacy parameter in the production.yaml so all new video get this value by default

    # public = 1, unlisted = 2, private = 3, internal = 4
    privacy: 2

With those settings, am I good to go ?

QUESTION 1 about privacy : strangely, the user is still allowed to manually change this default value during the upload process. I would like this privacy setting to be by default « unlisted » and to be changed only by a moderator or administrator. How to lock this ?

QUESTION 2 about moderation :
When a user upload a video, this one appears as « auto-blocked » (cf. capture below).
But I don’t really understand what the « manual mode » of unblocking do.

Thanks for your advices. Eric


Yes, they can change the privacy. This setting is only the default behaviour.

A video can be manually blocked or automatically blocked on upload. This action changes the blocked mode of the video (like if you unblocked the video and then manually re blocked it).

Hi Chocobozzz (and sorry, I was correcting my post to make it more clear before I saw your answer).

Ok for the moderation switch (I don’t really understand the benefit of being able to switch between auto and manual block, but a feww real cases will make it clear I guess…)

So concerning the privacy value, there is no way to make the default value « locked » (so only an administrator or moderator could change it ?).


You may be able by developing a plugin. But I did not study this specific use case

Ok, thank you.