How to comment on a PeerTube Instance, when they don´t offer registration?

I am just trying to comment on a video on the instance , but as they don´t allow new registrations, I wonder how to comment on one video there…?

Wasn´t there one trick to do this via Mastodon or via another followed instance ?
Does anybody remember how the username must be set to get it to work and for example use my account to comment at the other instance ?? Many thanks.
P.S: could it be dangerous to give in over there my password, cause when the login fails there, then could the Admin look up in the failed login log files to see me password ?


If your admin allows it, you can paste the video URL (for example in the search bar. Then the instance will fetch the video and display it in the results.

No the password is not logged.

Wow this really worked great ! I was able to comment then from my account…
The only question is then, couldn´t this be used by spammers to spam videos from outside and you can´t suppress it, cause you even can´t ban the users on your Peertube site ??

Okay, thanks a lot for these great infos…
I will post them to my bittubefans Telegram group.

There are moderation features. The administrators of an instance can delete or hide comments under video hosted by their instance. They can also mute an entire instance, if there is a spamming instance.