How to get user attribute?

With the current infrastructure of the PeerTube, Is it possible to get the attributes of user who have watched the videos or liked the specific video. Is this possible now?

Is it possible to get the real time data of video or user in the form of API or other way?

It’s confidential info, no way to get it I think

@dezzi, I think it is an open source so, I think this information is available but it is a matter of fact to find it. What do u think about this?

Only by spying on users of your own instance, as remarked when I use another instance for viewing:

The rest of the network is managed by ‹ the rest of the network ›, which is not just Peertube but all the other Fediverse members.

You could start a meta-index of Fediverse sites and scrape comments or likes of videos, but I imagine that is not the direction you intend to go.