How to manage subscribers of a channel?

I created a channel for my friends that is explicilty described as ‹ for friends only ›. Even if all videos of that channel are actualy not public so subscribing to it won’t change anything, i would like to manage it.
i am not that happy to see people i don’t know anything about, if not even just bots, coming from instances i would like to not advertise ( ie gab ) and that are linking to adult dating systems.
And i created a channel for my child and here i really want to control and manage who will subscribe.
Anyway i operates the instance, own my user and my channel and don’t find a quick way to control subscribers.
I thought initialy that it you be very easy, and in facts i didn’t find out this quickly, i am still looking for it and will dig deeper, but any hint to accelerate my investigation is welcome.

looking at ‹ Blocking other users › which is broader that my request but in fact might even be better…

Muting documentation :

Muting an instance does not prevent to have subscribers from that instance, they might not be able to interact. And if it is possible to see subscribers count but it didn’t find a quick way to see who they are.