How to move the Download button to an external website?

Hello Everyone,
I’m looking for a solution to move the « Download » button of the video on an external website where I’m actually embedding all peertube videos.

I’m not using peertube UI I have my own and all videos automatically get embedded on my website, but I would like to allow downloading and I need the download button to be added in my own website.

Any idea?

You can copy the download link from the peertube instance. See the image below

Copy the link given.
Then try inserting this code on your website

<a href = "">Download this video

It should appear something like this:

Download this video

Yeah that works! But any idea if we can get the whole thing? Like the whole popup like on peertube?
Thanks a lot for the help!

No, that is not possible. But you can probably implement it yourself, just copy the link of each option selected and add the button to your website.

Ok then I can fetch those automatically ?