How to remove comments from my own videos on other istances

hi, I’m new on peertube and just testing my instance, unfortunately I received some spam comments recently that I managed to remove, but I see the spam comments are going to stay on other istances! Example:

original video is on

I tried every option against the spammer but seems I can do nothing to remove the old comments on other istances.
Is there a way to easily get rid of those spammers comments?


No sorry. I created an issue to fix this:

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ok thanks, also I can’t monitoring all the messages posted on my instance, I just get notified about comments posted on my own account.

having and admin panel with the latest comments published on instance would help a lot fighting spam.

An option to auto-blacklist all comments or only comments coming from other istances would be cool too.

You can use the RSS feed. For example:

good, but I stilll see the same comment I deleted on rss, so comments removed from users coming from other istance are not removed from rss feed too:

        <title><![CDATA[Sulla Mia Pelle (Film Completo HD Streaming) - cairomaximo]]></title>
        <pubDate>Mon, 08 Jul 2019 11:26:17 GMT</pubDate>

RSS feeds are cached during ~15 minutes

it’s been 24 hours and the comments feed is still showing the comments I removed (see the code above):

seems the feed keep showing comments made by users on other instances and cancelled by admin.

I’m updating the comment feed problem: seems all cancelled spam comments fromusers on other instances are removed from feed too, so it was some strange problem happened once.