How to spread Peertube project outside French communities?

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I’m wondering how to spread Peertube Project outside of France.

The current crowdfunding campaign targets countries outside of France but it looks like it requires some help to convince people.

There are at least these points (in my opinion) :

  • Framasoft is very well known in France but it is not the case outside of french communities
  • Kisskissbankbank is not very well known and people are wondering why this platform more than well knwon platform? (I know there are good reasons)
  • People who are speaking about Peertube talk in french : example the launch of the crowdfunding on Framasoft blog is in french only.

Bytheway there are and all Peertube documentation in english.

Maybe it requires that non french website talks about the project (maybe some already did). I’ve tried to ping some non profit organization but it has been without any replies.

A good way could be also that someone talk about Peertube in other countries event but it is more difficult to do.

Should it be interesting to translate in other languages ?

Do you have any other ideas ?


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about translation, i’ve just discovered the tool Framasoft is using.

JoinPeertube is present and is translated in french, english and german but the last one is not yet published. I’m wondering if other people contribute in other languages if it will be published?

Yes, it will.

By the way I’ve had feedback from a translator who was troubled by the mix of html and text to translate. For people unfamiliar with code, this might be a big obstacle as they don’t know at all how to handle these cases.

other issue i’ve seen about Join Peertube translation on the tool is that source language is FR and not EN. It means several translators won’t be able to work on translation.

Thank you Valvin for this return, I will try to answer your questions:

Quite right, and as explained in the blog article (voluntarily in FR), one of the objectives of the campaign is that the French-speaking community (which already co-financed PeerTube in October/December) relays this crowdfunding abroad.
This will make both PeerTube known, but also Framasoft (whose PT is far from being the only project)

Again, you’re absolutely right. I will give here the reasons for this choice.

At the beginning, @pouhiou and I had decided to choose English (and American) platforms like or GoFundMe because we didn’t want to set up physical counterpart systems (Kickstarter style).
Unfortunately, this has not been possible as these sites are reserved for organizations with a US bank account, or (for Crowdrise/Gofundme) are limited to US and Canadian non-profit organizations.
As we did not want to make a “pre-financing”, but rather a platform of donations, we moved towards platforms that would meet the following criteria…:

  1. accepts a French organization and its French bank account (already, it limits: -/ )
  2. multilingual (if the crowdfunding page text is translated into Spanish or German, it can be added)
  3. reactive: we set up this campaign in less than 3 weeks (by not being on it full-time), so we had to have very available interlocutors
  4. who accepts that our counterparts are “virtual” and not physical (we have the financial means, but not the time means given the relatively low level of campaign objectives, to send Tshirts or other goodies to “big” donors, even relying on the volunteer community)
  5. who agrees to include PeerTube embeds (well yes, we weren’t going to put the animation video on YouTube or Dailymotion, anyway! :wink: )
  6. whose design (campaign presentation, donation workflow, mobile version, etc.) suits us.

We studied I think between more than 10 different platforms (from Kickstarter to Patreon, from Crowdrise to Goteo, etc) and we arrived with KKBB and Ulule in “final”. What broke the tie was point 2 (KKBB for example agreed that its technical team should make an exception to allow a PeerTube embed, while normally they limit embed to a few partners for obvious security reasons).

The article in the framablog is in French because it is addressed to the … french public :slight_smile: If we had translated it into English, we would also have had to translate the other two articles (more interesting) : and
And we simply had neither the time nor the means (Pouhiou was on holiday, I was travelling for Framasoft, then we continued with a week almost disconnected from Framacamp from which we returned… last night!) and the campaign had to be out before the summer. Hard agenda!

You have already started very well:) I saw that your toot on Mastodon had been widely distributed by English speakers (Thanks a lot!).
I think this is the way to go. Because our objective is that we don’t (too) rely on the French community (knowing that we will do another donation campaign to Framasoft, more francophone, (including PeerTube) in October 2018.
If you (or others!! @chocobozzz had talked for example about writing an article on Medium) share the info, write blog articles, etc, I sincerely think this will activate the campaign properly.
The idea of is that Framasoft is not alone in carrying everything anymore. We encourage the community to contribute, even in our donation campaigns. So it depends as much on you as it does on us, and any help will be welcome!

As @fredurb1 said : “It will be”, but with a little help from our friends (like you :wink: )

Framasoft (try to) manage (more than 60 projects (including 34 online services). PeerTube, even if it’s a big one, is “just” one of those 60 projects.
It’s (quite) easy to translate with Zanata on but it need, as you noticed, some skills.
Once translated @JosephK will import them into the public repo (note that developpers may prefer to use merge request, which is of course possible)

Thanks again to you (and to what you have already done!)

Talk about PeerTube, encourage people from all over the world to share, care, or write an article about PeerTube, and we will succeed for sure! :slight_smile:

(Note that an easy-to-do step is to translate Framablog articles about PT into multiple languages and publish them (on Framablog, in this forum, or any other places, they’re all under CC by-sa)


Thank you @pyg for your detailed answer :slight_smile:

I had no doubt that the choice of the platform was very well thought. I think these good reasons should be available on as I mentioned on mastodon. Because it should interest people before they enter their credit card number.

And Framasoft manages it very well !! You are the best.

I will try to recruit translators on my favorite community but i think if source language is french it won’t work. Translators prefer working on english.

So let’s go !!!

I’m an English human :wink: , you can count on my efforts to spread the word within my community and further afield. Later in the month I’ll create a “how-to-install PeerTube” guide on my website too, which could go some small way to promoting the PeerTube project.


@ haywardgb

please keep us informed when posting “how-to-install PeerTube” guide
Thanks :slight_smile:

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