ICS event display in external agenda


I really like the fact we can use the « ICS feed » URL to dynamically show events from a group in ones own agenda.

BUT when I open the event from my google agenda from instance, I miss the event URL:

Too bad I can not go to the event Mobilizon from my calendar.

@setop checked and told me that the event URL is part of the ICS feed though. So maybe it’s Google to be blamed? Or is it some misuse of mine?

Thanks for your feedbacks.

Yeah, it seems Google doesn’t support the URL property. I don’t see anywhere you can put an URL in their event form anyway, you can only put some URL in their rich-text description field.
However, the DESCRIPTION standard property we use is not supposed to hold anything else than plain-text. The new STYLED-DESCRIPTION property may help, if they support that.

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