Import Large Videos (pre-prepared with transcoding)


I have an « issue », mostly a request, if possible.

I’ve tried several times importing a large video file (over 1 hour) on my Peertube instance, hosted on Raspberry Pi 4, but it never finished the transcoding process (I do not need to transcode it in multiple resolutions, but only the original one, 1080p), so it should transcore the original version to another one to be able to stream that on all devices.

Now, ffmpeg is working correctly in background, but it takes a lot of time (over 1 day, never waited the process to finish, killed the ffmpeg process because it was not so good so much waiting for a single video).

I was wondering if there is a procedure/guide/chance to prepare, before uploading the video on Peertube, the video in a valid « transcoded » version and then upload the « already transcoded » version of the video on Peertube, avoiding the transcoding process on Raspberry Pi 4…is it possible?

It would be very useful to be able uploading large video files on Peertube instances hosted on low-power systems like Raspberry Pi 4…

Many thanks


Why don’t you disable transcoding and upload the file in the format you want?

I tried, but if not transcoding, on mobile devices (for example), the video is not working.

I tried with mp4 files…which format should I use to get a cross-device compatibility?

which format should I use to get a cross-device compatibility?

.mp4 with h264 for the video and aac for the audio.

Ok, perfect. It works. :slight_smile:

Many thanks