Import not transcoding but no errors - how to diagnose

Here’s a fun dilemma. I frequently import videos from VODs, and while the 1080p version of the video migrates and the jobs log says transcoding happens for all my selected resolutions, the files for other resolutions do not exist and the streaming-playlist files are not generated.

The real problem is that none of my logs are revealing any issues:

  1. The transcoding jobs are marked as successful
  2. There are no peertube logs showing problems with finding the files after transcoding, as I’ve seen on some github tickets (I only see GET requests for the video in my info-level logs)
  3. There are no syslog errors logged by s3fs (I am on Wasabi using the « old method » in the docs)

If I manually call create-transcoding-job -- --generate-hls on the video, the transcoding process actually works successfully.

I understand that this isn’t enough information to diagnose the issue, so my question is: how do I find out what’s breaking when my logs don’t show any issues?

Some version info:

  • Peertube 3.3.0
  • ffmpeg version 4.2.2

Config info:

  • Output formats: HLS with P2P
  • Resolutions: 480p, 720p, 1080p


What is your instance URL?


From what I see, you’re using S3 storage. It seems some playlists files are missing (for example of video Folding Laundry on a Friday Night in Celeste - 2021/06/11 - Good Vibeos).

Correct, that’s the issue at hand. For some reason, those playlists aren’t being properly generated (or aren’t being saved?) automatically.

My hypotheses are that either:

  1. Something is failing in the FUSE connection, or
  2. There’s something about imports (or imports from Twitch) that means I shouldn’t expect the playlists to be generated.

My ultimate question is: if there are no errors logged anywhere, how can I find out why those playlist files aren’t present?