Installing pre-release versions for the test

It might sound silly, but can you tell me how to install a pre-release version of peertube that hasn’t been released yet? I’d like to test live video.
I have the latest version 2.4.0 installed.
I will use the new version for testing on a separate virtual machine.
Thank you.

Just use the nightly tarballs like it was a classic release:

We’ll also release an rc.1 today on github.

Thank you. I will definitely try.
I’m really looking forward to the release-)

The RC1 (Release Candidate 1, available since today) can be installed with the standard upgrade procedure. The upgrade script should ask you if you want to install the 3.0.0-RC1.

Does it mean we can install the 3.0.0-RC1 with this command
cd /var/www/peertube/peertube-latest/scripts && sudo -H -u peertube ./
even if it’s a major upgrade?

Yes, but you have some changes to do in configuration files. They are listed at the beginning of the changelog:

Thank you! I’m going to take the plunge :slightly_smiling_face:

Everything is fine, I installed the nightly build and also updated the main copy. Testing the live broadcast all evening yesterday. So far, everything is just super! Thanks for the developers! If I understand correctly, do you need to set such parameters in the changelog?
max_age: '30 days’
federate_unlisted: false

Is the error in the screenshot for this reason?