Is not possible to use wide or full screen of a video at Discourse

Hi. I have a Discourse forum where I’m including videos from PeerTube. Precisely, from Well, after a few tests with several instances of PT, the embedded video is always without the possibility to get full or wide screen option. Is here, if you want to test it yourself.

I’ve written to the admin of this instance. He, or she, kindly answered that there was no allowfullscreen tab at the video, but I included only a link, as is made usually. You put the link and OneBox take care of it to show it as embedded video. But there’s no full screen.

I’ve tried too few tests with the HTML code offered at the PeerTube video for insert, with the iframe tag. This time, the usual embedded video not even appeared. The space remained empty.

Have you any idea about what I have to do to have a normal embedded video with a full screen option available?


I think it will be fixed in the next Discourse version :slight_smile:

Thank you, @Chocobozzz. So, you think the problem is there… Well, I hope Discourse people solve it soon, then!

I will give it some time. Lets see.

Thank you very much!