PeerTube index policy

I’m frequently browsing the joinpeertube-org PeerTube index and I noticed a change in the policies.
Before one of the policy was (archived on 20210516122742)):

are maintaining illegal content under French law (child abuse, promotion of hate speech, historical revisionism, etc.)

Currently it is:

are maintaining illegal content under French law (child abuse, promotion of hate speech, historical revisionism, antivaxx, etc.)

Highlighting done by me.

My question: Is this an imprecise statement or is « antivaxx » really illegal content under French law?
Also the definition of « antivaxx » is rather broad and a political loaded term. At the core of its definition I wonder how having an opinion about some not specified « vaxx » is illegal.

I think it would be helpful to be more clear about this. F.e. if joinpeertube-org doesn’t like those opinions it should not be declared as French Law, if it isn’t the case. If it is really French Law a link to some resources about this topic could be helpful. I could not find any additional information in the Framasoft Terms of Use and Charte de modération.

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and keep up the excellent work Framasoft and supporters.

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Antivaxx content is not illegal per se under French law but could be judged to be illegal under our fake news act, and therefore could endanger our association.

So the question is: does Framasoft want to take the risk of relaying potentially illegal content? Here, our answer is no.

We (at Framasoft) clearly don’t want to stick our neck out for content that could endanger lives. We also will not waste time debating these issues because in our experience it only leads to trolling and fallacies.

That is why we chose to phrase it in a way that is not open for debate. That is why we will monitor and maybe lock this topic if needed.

We do understand that for some people science might be a matter of opinion, and not method. We kindly remember them that they can create and maintain their own instances index by using our code as well as their own PeerTube Search Index, also using code we freely provide.

Thanks for the kind words, I hope my answer cleared things up.

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Thanks for your detailed reply, this clears things up. It may be helpful to reference the fake news act directly, but of course it is your decision how you think the rules have to be written down to be efficient.

As you mentioned science and scientific methodology: « Fake news » are not restricted to a certain view point and can occur to all kind of topics. What somebody might considered as « antivaxx » can also have scientific foundations. If somebody disagrees please accept at least the theoretical possibility, no need for discussion here, let us enjoy PeerTube instead.

We are not discussing what is or is not a Fake News here, as we won’t discuss what is or is not revenge porn (that is also forbidden under French law).

We are discussing about our will not to take a risk for (and give a platform to) content that can harm people’s lives, that’s what is at stake.

On those words, I consider the question answered and will lock that topic.