Live streaming, PeerTube & VPN thoughts?

Hello all,
I’ve set up my server here at home and the first live stream test went beautifully. My native stream is 1080p @ 5Mbps and I’m transcoding to 720, 360, 240. My instance isn’t really set up for hosting VOD content yet, so priority is on streaming.
Not too worried about added latency unless it starts to get into the minutes range.

Does anyone have any experience, or even opinions, with live streaming, PeerTube & a VPN?
Tough to set up?
Can a VPN handle that much upload bandwidth constantly?
Generic VPN thoughts etc? Never used one but could probably figure it out if people think it would work.

As always, thank you for any thoughts.

My VPN connected home instance was unable to handle 1080p livestreaming, but I think that is more my particular vpn provider. The VPN connection is going to add latency and cut down maximum bandwidth by some amount by its nature, but if you go with a well performing VPN it should be okay. Definitely test it during the free trial period and cancel if it’s not up to the job. The added security of not worrying about DDOS to your home IP, or your ISP getting picky about their No Server policies is worth it.
Setup was pretty straightforward, most VPN providers have good instructions. Probably want to go with a wireguard connection if you can.

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