Looking for people: to brainstorm how a new open source digital payment platform could be done

Taler can handle any currency, but how to implement a transfer of tokens from a bloackhain into a taler wallet - not sure. That would also, I think, be subject to a separate or additional licensing procedure, as would the local currencies. But, technically, all of that can be done.

The important thing would be to establish the degree of demand for such things - how much would the work to implement it cost and would it have a usage that would justify that investment?

The first thing is, I think: how to attract wide support, which would then make fundraising possible, and which would then open the road to working on all the necessary formalities for obtaining the EMI PSD2 license. This license is expensive - you can’t just install the softare on your server and start running it commercially. You can install it on yoru server and exchange imaginary currency between yourself and friends, but to offer it as a service to public, you have to be licensed.

So - any experience in community building?

Hi @EarthlingIB

  1. Yes, I can understand they say they are neutral. But do they clear your project at the end!

  2. Regarding the implications in term of business and the specificity of your project, I will suggest:

The other organizations I know are more open source activist organizations
Perhaps, try https://adullact.org/.

Have a nice time, José

Hi. Thanks very much for the links.
Whether this project will be cleared for commercial use or not we will find when we submit our application and we get the license, or we don’t. But, my view is that if we jump through all the hoops necessary by law, I don’t see why they wouldn’t approve. If there are some requirements that we don’t satisfy on application, then indeed we should be rejected until we correct the shortcomings.
It will be an interesting journey, sure. Most things are set up to serve the ‹ normal › economy, startups that chase profits, that have ‹ normal › investors who expect monetary returns on their investments, shareholders who expect monetary dividends and so on. How one can do anything differently within the given framework, remains to be seen. But people invent new things all the time, so we can too.
Thanks and keep in touch