Manually Insert Data on database

I am trying to insert data video data manually to test something on PeerTube PostgreSQL database. When we publish a new video, the video information is added to video, videoFile, videoShare and other tables at the same time.
If i add data manually, will it bring inconsistency in the database in the future?
How would the database react when the manual changes are done (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE)?


Inserting a video is a complex step. Then it’s very difficult to insert data directly in database, and yes it could lead to inconsistencies.

And don’t forget that Peertube is federated. Any modification should be compatible with the federation mecanism and compatible with remote instances that don’t have your code on them. Data modification could also need to update remote content using ActivityPub protocol (for example if you modify the description, remote instances won’t see the modification until you push data).