Mobilizon on Raspberry Pi 3

Hi, has anyone been able to install Mobilizon on the Raspberry Pi 3?
I’m having a hard time making Elixir work.

There shouldn’t be any special issues that I can think of. Feel free to post where you had trouble with things here or on our bug tracker.

You can try to use the Docker installation as well.

I finally made it, but it has been difficult. There are many issues that make me NOT recommend using a Raspberry Pi 3 to host Mobilizon. Some of them are:

  • Elixir packages are broken on Ubuntu/Debian arm64, even upstream. I fixed that using Arch for arm, but I paid that with more time configuring the system.
  • Yarn fails to build the frontend, because it goes out of memory. That needs to be compiled on another machine.
  • Elixir often fails during compilation too. However setting mobilizon as a system service it restarts until it succeeds.

Once setup, it behaves nicely. I haven’t tested it with high traffic loads though.