More details about the Video File type


I am looking for more information about the Video File type returned in the response
of the « Get video » REST API.

What is the difference between the 4 URLs?

  • fileDownloadUrl
  • fileUrl
  • torrentDownloadUrl
  • torrentUrl

I didn’t find this information in the API reference.

I ask this in the context of the PeerTube Kodi add-on: currently torrentUrl is used but I am wondering if this is best option.

Thanks in advance.


fileDownloadUrl and torrentDownloadUrl are endpoints that transfer the file as an attachment, so the web browser opens a download dialog.


Thank you @Chocobozzz for the answer.
I will stick to torrentUrl in the Kodi plugin then.

This information is not available in the API reference: do you think I should open a ticket or push a merge request so that this information is shared with others?
(Or maybe I am the only one who didn’t understand the purpose of these URLs :sweat_smile:)

please do!