Move videos from webtorrent to HLS

Hello everyone
I have an instance of peertube active from several versions and when I started there was only the webtorrent format.
When HLS arrived I left webtorrent active for a while because I wasn’t sure if HSL was going to work well.
I then disabled WebTorrent finally.

Now but I come across 152GB of webtorrent videos that I would like to convert to HLS format.

Is there a tool that allows me to do this automatically?



Please, consult the documentation about transcoding jobs.

You can then remove unused Webtorrent files from the web interface.

There is a simplier way that the one suggested by @Booteille since v4 of Peertube.
Go to /admin/videos/list?search=hls:false isLocal:true, select all videos, and use the batch action button on top to launch «run HLS transcoding jobs». Repeat for each page, and just wait for the magic :slight_smile:

PS: you can display more than 10 videos at the time, there is a little select bellow the list:

Once the transcodings done, you have a batch action to delete webtorrents files (and corresponding filters to find videos with both formats).


Awesome, I forgot we were able to transcode from web interface now. Thanks John!

Very useful indeed.

Just a quick question: it seemes I can launch a batch action to transcode to HLS but not to delete webtorrent files for multiple videos.

Deleting files options are only available for one video.

Do I miss something?

Did you wait for the transcodings of all videos to finish?

Indeed! The option became avalaible when the transcoding jobs finished. Thanks.