Need help with an installation

Trying to spin up an instance with a bare metal server I have, but the documentation is hard for me to follow based on my lack of experience with, among other things, postgres.

I normally use Centos 7, but can install any OS.

Can anyone help me do an install? Or step by step commands I can just type into centos 7?

I have a friend that speaks French who can help translate the technical details if needed. My first language is English.

Essayer de lancer une instance avec un serveur bare metal que j’ai, mais la documentation est difficile à suivre pour moi en raison de mon manque d’expérience avec, entre autres, postgres.

J’utilise normalement Centos 7, mais je peux installer n’importe quel système d’exploitation.

Quelqu’un peut-il m’aider à faire une installation? Ou des commandes étape par étape que je peux simplement taper dans centos 7?

J’ai un ami qui parle français qui peut aider à traduire les détails techniques si nécessaire. Ma première langue est l’anglais.

It is too late for today, i will perhaps have some free time on satursday/sunday being confined.

Did you already read ?

This is step by step; try it alone first then you will ask help for specific things if that went wrong.

First of all you have to use a domain name you own, select it carefully because a peertube install is bound to its domain name and can’t be changed.

You can have some help irc channel #peertube on ; they have matrix too but i don’t use yet .

Maybe it’s easier to set up a peertube instance with Docker, for me it was easier than the normal installation: