New Categories?

I’m new with a peertube instance for churches. Therefore I miss in the list of categories something like « religion » or similar.
Are the categories from a central plattform (and how to suggest new ones) or can I change them in my instance?
I found nothing in the docs.


Adding categories is supported via the Plugin API:

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My Webmaster found an easy solution:
and add in row 362-381 the categories needed e.g.
const VIDEO_CATEGORIES = { 1: 'Music', 2: 'Films', 3: 'Vehicles', 4: 'Art', 5: 'Sports', 6: 'Travels', 7: 'Gaming', 8: 'People', 9: 'Comedy', 10: 'Entertainment', 11: 'News & Politics', 12: 'How To', 13: 'Education', 14: 'Activism', 15: 'Science & Technology', 16: 'Animals', 17: 'Kids', 18: 'Food', 19: 'Gottesdienste', 20: 'Gemeinde' }

That solution has the disadvantage of pre-empting numbers that we might one day add as other categories. I recommend that you assign random integers of high value instead of strictly following ones.

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Thanks, I’ll tell him

The problem with this solution is that you will have to do this modification at every peertube’s update.

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I installed and used that plugin which when I do a preview it shows up in the json screen however it does not show in the list of categories when you upload a video. Is there a step Im missing?

Just for curiosity, in the default categories of PeerTube, why is « Religion » not included? It seems to be a very common category. Is it to avoid troubles or…?

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I would have needed it to, so I had my webmaster to add it manually. But also don’t understand why there is no « religious » category