New type of SPAM?

Hi everyone,

I just noticed something weird on my instance.
A user created an account. He don’t post any video or comment. But its profile description seems to be a spam. Something like:

I am a website designer and developer with <a href="https://his_web_site/setup">[](</a> and i love the work i do. I am here for RND.

My instance has nothing to do with IT, so this profile doesn’t fit.

The url behind the link is not the same as the href attribute.
The website seems to propose to install microsoft office… But I think it is in fact a malware.

Maybe such profiles are used for SEO? Or to subscribe to other accounts, hoping someone will click on his profile?

It seems that we now have to monitor profiles in addition to videos and comments.

To help prevent this, maybe we should display the user description in the admin user list?

I’m afraid we don’t have a lot of place there.

Indeed :frowning:

It seems also that banned users profiles are still visible. So if I want to ban the user, and not delete it (for example if I want to revert after checking, or if I want to keep a track of spam users), the spam goes on…

Spammers can spam in places you wouldn’t expect it… For example, we had some spammy projects on No links, just spammy sentences in the description of the project.

So… meh :man_shrugging:

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I received a lot of such spam, for example, in 20 minutes, about 10 people with such strange descriptions could register. At first I removed them manually, then I installed the Captcha plugin and there was a lot less spam. But sometimes these are still registered, I delete them manually.

It is a pity that the administrator cannot correct the description of channels and the profiles of other users. I would very much like to have full control on my server.

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To limit SPAM account, I use the plugin John / peertube-plugin-georegister · GitLab
I can block account creation depending on the IP’s country.
It works great for me, as my instance is dedicated to users speaking french.