New Video Email Notifications not working

I have two instances of Peertube up and running and configured.

I have me as admin and a few moderator level users. When I publish a video to any of my personal channels they do not receive an email alerting them to a new video has been posted.

All the users Email notifications are enabled for every notification option. And the service emails me and tells me my video has been published. But no one else gets alerted.

Is there something I am missing here? A server-side customization that has to be made not through the UI?


When I publish a video to any of my personal channels they do not receive an email alerting them to a new video has been posted.

What notification setting alerts other moderators a video has been published on the peertube instance?

I have a one Admin account setup (all email notifications options selected). And one Moderator account setup (all email notifications options selected). And, as I’ve said, I do get a notification email that my own video has been published. All SPAM protections, etc have been checked as well.

I’d be happy to share screenshots, logs, or any other info showing my setup.

I think you receive the notification because you have this settings checked (it is by default): «Your videos / Video published (after transcoding/scheduled update)»

There is no notification for moderators when someone else publish a video:

Check the available notifications on the page yourinstance.tld/my-account/settings#notifications

To receive notifications when a specific user publish a video, you can follow either the user, either a channel.

Here’s a sample of a video that I just published as a test to a channel that everyone on my local instance is subscribed to:

The only email sent from the log was the one directly to me confirming the video had been published.

Here’s a copy of the notification settings for a regular « user » account on our local instance:

And they did not receive any email, nor did anyone else. Which is confirmed by the logs. It’s like the instance doesn’t even attempt to compose the email. All of these videos are published as « Internal » does that have something to do with it?

I think I just figured this out. No emails go out to registered accounts if the video is posted as « Internal Only ». Is there any sort of option to enable this feature not in the WebGUI?

This seems like a bug, or at least there should be some documentation that registered users will not receive an email update if the video is published as « Internal Only »

If you have a github account, you can open an issue here: Issues · Chocobozzz/PeerTube · GitHub

Yes you are right.