Optimizing transcoding jobs (to preserve energy and save process time)

Hi everyone,

The doc recommends now to disable webtorrent transcoding, and only choose HLS with P2P.
On our instance, we choose to follow this recommandation.

The actual behavior
When we upload an mp4 file, a first « optimize-to-webtorrent » job is launched (even if we didn’t activate this format).
Then other jobs start (« new-resolution-to-hls ») to create the various resolutions we choose (1080, 720 and 360).

At some point, the webtorrent file is automaticaly deleted :

A possible optimization ?
Is there a way to save process time (and energy) by preventing the webtorrent transcoding to happen ?
Or is this transcoding a mandatory step for the following HLS transcodings ?

Before to upload our original MP4, maybe we could create a specific type of MP4 that will match the webtorrent optimized one to skip this step server side ? (I don’t know if this could be achieve with technical specification to match, or by adding a sufffix in the name of the file ?)

Thanks for your thoughts about it.
(not wasting our ressources is always the first step before generating renewable one :wink: