PeerTube: Funding with Crypto-Coins

Two days ago, YouTube deleted thousands of videos that talked about crypto currencies, giving Strikes to their creators marking those videos as “dangerous content”, the outrage in the networks is total.
Why is YouTube banning all videos about crypto currencie?

Very simply, they know that video portals will start appearing in which crypto currencies are delivered to content creators for making the videos and to viewers for watching the videos and mining while they watch the video.

There are already portals that are doing this:

A few days ago (before this YouTube ban occurred) I proposed that this was the way to go, incorporating a viewer-controlled mining api, so that it would select a percentage of its CPU process for mining, starting from a minimum (maybe 10%) to a maximum (about 60%).

This guarantees the success of the portal, as the viewer has two reasons to join it.
*** The content**
*** The mining that impacts your pocket**

Obviously, the creator also wins

  • A percentage of the mining done by the viewer (perhaps 50%)

I think that this issue should be debated, because portals that have this policy are the only ones that can beat YouTube.

Any other alternative such as advertising and donations is heavily conditioned and does not fully free the creator.

I suspect that it is important to open the debate, as having a vision of what is to come will make the brilliant idea of peertube unrivalled.



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Hi, here is some information about reumuneration policy in PeerTube :

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