Peertube Imprint according to German law (DSGVO)

Hello Community I need some help

In my region, fiber optic will be installed in the next few months, due to the current situation I would like to operate a PeerTube server for the schools in the region. With this server and subject experts of the region, I would like to provide interesting short knowledge videos for students.

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the legal requirements and need appropriate help. In Germany you need an imprint for editorial content. I think blogs and vlogs belong to this type of content. How I have to and can write this on the platform PeerTube is unfortunately not known to me.

We cannot give you legal advice, for which you need to contact a lawyer as for what requirements pertain to germany.

As for where to put such disclaimers, I would reckon putting them in the Terms of Service section of your instance’s parameters would suffice.

I know that it is always difficult with legal advice. But I think it is easy to share personal experiences. I wanted to build on the experience of others before looking for a lawyer who would first have to get used to peertube.

I have already read about the CCC in the forum here, but the topic is very old and I don’t want to bring it back to the top. Unfortunately there is no information about the outcome of the migration consideration.

I also found an old GitHub entry.